Boracay Food & Drink

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  • Kasbah Boracay

    You could also find a North Africa cuisine here, it's the only Moroccan restaurant in Boracay island. Their sign is like a castle, showing "Kasbah". The decoration and tableware are colorful and pretty.
    It located in Station 1 and beside Discovery Shores which is a famous resort. If you want to experience being a nobleman or noblewoman, just come here!

    Station 1
  • Pancake House

    Orange pancake house, a lovely and energetic signboard.
    There's also a branch store at the Manila airport.
    The Pancake House in Boracay is located in D'mall.

  • Henann Regency Resort & Spa - Christina's

    Located in Henann Regency, experience the exquisite atmosphere here.
    Dining is at its best, a selection of beef packages prepared by the chef on the romantic Boracay beach.

    Station 2
  • Henann Regency Resort & Spa - Sea Breeze Cafe

    Located in Henann Regency, enjoy your coffee with beautiful scenes.
    Share the spectacular views of the beach with family and friends.
    Dinning is served around the clock.

    Station 2