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  • Seoul Korean Gourmet

    Long for Korean food in Boracay? Try Korean BBQ at "SEOUL".
    Just on the beach of S2, a bunch of Korean signs will appear at the entrance. Very well recognized and obvious.

    S2 beach road
  • Koryo Korean Restaurant

    Korean BBQ with unlimited side dishes and hot Ginseng chicken soup.

    Station 2
  • Cook Korean

    The host of the Restaurant is a couple who have been working in Boracay for years.
    Their signature dish of Korean fried chicken is a must-try.

    D'Mall (next to Bistro Restaurant)
  • Hama Japanese Cuisine

    HAMA Japanese Restaurant is located in D'Mall Square and opened in December 2007.
    Simple and modern design with Japanese simplicity and natural beauty.
    Bars with natural-textured walls, river stone walls and Japanese-themed roofs.
    Vibrant and comfortable dining atmosphere with indoor and outdoor areas.
    An open kitchen with toast and grilled meat.
    Sushi bar and the freshest sashimi.

    Station 2
  • Kum Gang San Korean Restaurant

    Kum Gang San Korean Restaurant is located on S2 Road and provides authentic Korean cuisine.
    Because of the fading shop sign, it's easily left out by tourists.
    But this is a restaurant that Koreans must eat in Boracay!
    A gourmand who loves Korean food must come to this place!

    Station 2